Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Robert Frank Mittiga Addictions Recovery Coach AUSTRALIA

Robert Frank Mittiga 


Founder and pioneer of various private rehab/recovery programs in Australia

Robert has worked tirelessly helping many individuals and their loved ones who have been in the grips of all types of addiction, from drugs and alcohol, to gambling addictions, sex addictions, love and relationship addictions, food addictions, eating disorders, work addiction, and co-dependency.

Robert has also been in recovery from his own addictions for well over 24 years. After suffering and addictions for many years he began his own recovery program in 1992 going through a life-saving rehab program in the USA. On returning home to Australia, he began to start a journey of studying addiction and co-dependency through a variety of resources. He also started a University Diploma in Addiction studies whilst working as a volunteer in a rehabilitation facility in Adelaide South Australia. He became very effective as a group therapist and interventionist, and he realised he had a natural gift for working with individuals with chronic addiction. He quickly realised that the most important factor for working with individuals in the grips of addiction was the relationship between the therapist and the client.

Over the years Robert began to understand through his own recovery, and also working with many other addicts in early recovery that treatment would have to involve more than just getting sober. He carefully observed that many individuals were also suffering trauma, often childhood trauma, childhood neglect, emotional abandonment, and many other underlying issues that left untreated became significant triggers for relapse. As he became frustrated with rigid models of treatment that he was working in, he began studying and researching various other models, and thus developed his own “Wholistic” model of treatment. This model involved four main components, Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual. He approached treatment addressing all four areas of the individual. His approach became very successful for his clients and was recording much more success for ongoing abstinence, as well as far greater all round wellness from his clients.

After starting his own treatment programs in Australia, which also included residential treatment facilities, he continued to continuously study all aspects of addiction and co-dependency, including the neurological aspects of addiction and he continues to explore more effective ways to assist individuals in early recovery. He also began to introduce many tools for his clients that needed extra tools, such as acupuncture, hormonal treatments, craniosacral therapy, a system of alternative medicine intended to relieve pain and tension by gentle manipulations of the skull regarded as harmonising with a natural rhythm in the central nervous system.

In his journey of learning and helping, he also began to realise that often the whole family needed help, when addiction was present in a family system. In his treatment model he began to offer family support programs, as well as individual counselling and therapy for other family members, which also included spouses. This also has proven to be paramount the overall treatment process. He found that when the whole family engaged in treatment the outcomes where extremely more successful than those that didn’t participate. This has now become an integral part of Robert’s approach to treatment.
Today Robert works as a Private Recovery Coach and often travels nationally in Australia as well as internationally to assist individuals and their loved ones in recovery. He also has an extensive network of other professionals that he uses for his clients. Robert also encourages 12-step program participation for his clients, and their loved ones.


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